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on there. construction is set to start in early 2013. i contacted the city of san jose. it is aware of the plans and aware of the history of the site. correctly pointing out that lots of cleanup has been done through the years. janelle? >> thanks, scott. >> you bet. >>> in other news tonight, milpitas may be putting its police department on the chopping block. the city council is considering outsourcing its law enforcement to the santa clara county sheriff's office. the issue is on the agenda for tonight's city council meeting which is open to the public. it begins at 7:00 p.m. at city hall. >>> was ate crime of passion or pre-med etated murder. that's the issue surfacing in the trial of michelle esteban accused of killing michelle le. today esteban's boyfriend took the witness stand, telling the court about her escalating jealous of his platonic relationship with le. the 26-year-old nursing student disappeared in may of last year. her body was found four months later. the ex-boyfriend and esteban have a daughter together, and he testified that they tried to salvage their rocky rela
. it will take place at san francisco's city hall on october 16th. the family has invited a list of dignitaries, including former secretary of state george shultz and senator dianne feinstein. stevens went to piedmont high school and on to uc berkeley for college and uc hastings in san francisco for law school. the public is also invited to the service. but the city hall rotunda only holds about 700 people. stevens was 52 years old. >>> the san francisco bay is once again filled with the best sailors in the world as the america's cup series is back. that's where we find nbc bay area's laurence scott who is once again an honorary skipper. >> we are on the bay with team korea, victorious today in the america's cup series match racing qualifiers. the youngest skipper by far in the world series competitions here on the bay this weekend. tell me something. what a thrill, not just competing in your first race, but winning your first race. how did it go? >> it's pretty awesome. we managed to get a good start. and we kind of trying to throw it away a little. we managed to hold it together. and all the
:30. this is a live look now inside san francisco's city hall. jodi hernandez is also there, outside of city hall. i know you spent time with steven's parents. they must be so proud today, but also proud of his accomplishments. >> they certainly are. the memorial is taking place inside city hall. stevens' sisters and his brother are sharing memories of their childhood, growing up with christopher stevens. his sister remembered him as clever and witty, someone who is always dedicated to his family. she esaid no matter where he travelled in the world, he would always come home. tonight his friends and family must say goodbye. >> his commitment in being the ambassador to an area of our world that is in such turmoil was a huge, huge high calling for him. >> i know we have lost a hero, but we need to celebrate that life. >> reporter: and that's the aim of this afternoon's memorial service for ambassador chris stevens. mayor ed lee says there is not a more appropriate place to pay tribute to the slain u.s. ambassador to libya than san francisco's city hall. >> he was in fact a bay area uc berkeley grad, a
. some of the worst was here in new york, the nation's largest city crippled by high wind and a record storm surge. water pouring into lower manhattan, swallowing neighborhoods and washing out the subway system. ironically, it was that water that prevented firefighters from dousing these flames in queens. 80 homes were lost. and now as the cleanup begins. >> clearly, the challenge our city faces in the coming days are enormous. >> reporter: the mayor and millions in the strike zone. >> it's really a catastrophe. >> reporter: understand that it will take a long time to recover from the damage sandy left behind. jay gray, nbc news in battery park, new york. >>> now let's take a look at the radar where the storm is right now. it continues to weaken, but you can see it's still churning and bringing rain and strong winds north of pittsburgh. as the storm moved inland, it continued to cause disruption and damage. sandy turned into a full-blown blizzard in west virginia. and in the mountains, as far as south as north carolina, parts of ohio and kentucky are also breaking out the snowplows. an
million in federal funding. the city had started work on the $1.6 billion project, even though it had not lined up all the money yet. the subway will connect the city's south of market neighborhood with union square and chinatown. now that funding is in place, the big project can now begin. >> now we start building the stations, we start boring the tunnel and getting this ready for revenue service. >> earlier this week, a group called suv muny sued the city over its plans to begin a station at union square. any work on historic union square requires voter approval first. >>> a different kind of church, a metal fragment found. >>> what to watch for in tonight's vice presidential debate. >>> the political fireworks are flying in one city council race. that's coming up. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight. >>> the election's not far away, because the political mudslinging is in full swing. and not the presidential election this time. we're talking about a sa
are starting to spend. construction is also picking up in san jose. but the city apparently is not prepared. and that's causing delays. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live in san jose with why one businessman blames the city for losing nearly everything. kris? >> reporter: hi there, janelle. well, if you have ever been through a construction project, then you know that things don't move nearly as fast as you hope that they would. but in san jose for months, things were taking a lot longer than they were supposed to. and that's primarily because the planning department was decimated by the recession. >> great ice cream. very good. >> reporter: this cream i have a fixture in this san jose downtown, at least it was until owner jeff mullen closed in order to move into a new space after ten years in business. >> my expectation of downtime was two to three months, okay. it turned into eight months. >> reporter: mullen says he lost $400,000 in revenue and nearly lost his home and his customer base. and while he was closed, other similar businesses moved in. he places much of the blame on the city
who approached him in the city of south el monte in the san gabriel valley. now the couple is suspected also in a number of other crimes, including carjacking and robbery between southern california and northern california. on october 5th, susie ko was killed in her hercules home. >> it's a very big break. and we've said right along that finding the car would be one of the key pieces of evidence that we need to help us try to solve this case. and particularly since king county was able to find suspects in the vehicle, that gives us even more of a lead than if we had found it parked on a street somewhere. >> reporter: now again, hercules police are not calling the husband and wife suspects in the homicide of susie ko, but they will question them as soon as they are able. we reached out to susie ko's family, and they tell us that they are emotionally exhausted, but that today's arrests bring them a small sense of relief. >> thank you so much, kris. >>> now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. for the very first time, the mayor of san jose sat done with the police union
was a left-wing spotter on the 12-mile city street trek. as a colleague maneuvered the shuttle using a remote control, wells helped make sure nothing touched the $1.8 billion shuttle, despite some tight spaces. >> no leaves, no branches, no light poles, obviously. but the tiles on the shuttle are very fragile. and it was stated from the beginning that absolutely nothing could touch the shuttle for the whole route. >> reporter: but sarens is no stranger to monumental jobs. the lifting and rigging company has transported bridges, nuclear reactors, and refinery equipment. they played a crucial role in repairing the earthquake-damaged bay bridge in 1989. but moving a shuttle is a mission not quite like the rest. >> we've muched, much heavier, much bigger objects, but this is certainly the most important. we're not used to moving big, heavy objects in such a public setting with so many people as obstructions. >> reporter: now that "endeavour" has made it safely to its new home, the months of preparation have paid off. the folks at sarens couldn't be prouder. >> we just wanted to take our time. i m
, that's what they do. >> this is very exciting. the city is going nuts. everyone is partying in the streets. it's a great time. >> reporter: while they do not refuse the right to serve those not wearing giants colors, i can tell you, you will stand out if you aren't in them. most bars and restaurants around the park, restaurant and bar owners say they love the postseason. their refrigerators and bars are stocked, and they are certainly ready for the crowds. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> all right. tickets to be inside the ballpark about $400 to $4,000. >> $400 for standing room only. oh my goodness. >> so it's not a bad option to be at a local bar. >>> inside the park, maybe the most compelling story line for the giants this season, the barry zito revival, and he is pitching tonight. >> but it won't be easy. zito and the giants are facing one of the top pitchers in all of baseball. let's bring in jaymee sire from comcast sportsnet as we count down to the first pitch. >> this marks the first time that two cy young award winners will face off in ga
documents. they contain so-called perversion files opened in 40 different bay area cities over the decades. the oldest case in san francisco dated back to 1957. the most recent case last year in livermore. the cities mentioned in the files range from gilroy, santa rosa, and pacifica to concord. you can take a look at the documents yourself on our website. you'll find a link at nbc bay >>> a statewide search is on for a 15-year-old sonoma county girl, abducted by her godfather. ruby cruz mendosa was walking with a friend yesterday when a car pulled up with a suspect in the passenger seat. 29-year-old carmona used to live with the family, apparently moved out when the parents realized he and the teenager were having a physical relationship. yesterday afternoon police say carmona shoved the girl's friend to the ground. and the gray two-door compact car drove off with ruby inside. investigators say she may have gone voluntarily. >>> did you see it? it looked like a rocket, didn't it? blasting across the sky. it was mesmerizing for those of you who happened to look up in the sky at th
area city is leading the way when it comes to clean jobs next. >>> good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center, a lot of sunshine, rain-free conditions at at&t park, it's going to be incredible out there for tonight with clear skies expected. and also big time changes on the way. we'll talk about this warming trend and how high those temperatures will go coming up. >>> everyone loves a list. cities get ranked on everything these days. san jose has emerged as the number one clean tech city in the country. including green buildings carbon management and clean electricity. the score was 82 points. the metro area includes sunnyvale and santa clara. portland oregon was in third place. >>> occupy the sequel. occupy supporters are gathering in oak land to mark one year since they were evict ed from te plaza. demonstrators are planning to march downdownand reopen pie the plaza overnight. the mayor says the city wants to protect first amendment rights but will not tolerate camping or overnight vandalism. >> we help people if they want to have a peaceful demonstration, we'
-up tonight where dozens of officers are now accused of misconduct during three of the city's occupy protests. the department today revealed it received more than 1100 complaints in the past year, ranging from issues like excessive force to failing to turn on video cameras. the chief says an internal investigation has led to misconduct allegations. are you ready? against 44 officers. he has recommended that two be fired and one demoted. the rest will receive suspensions or reprimands. training and counseling could be ordered for some as well. >>> they were first arrested for stealing her car. now they're facing murder charges too. investigators with the hercules police department have officially named darnell and tania washington as suspects in the killing of an east bay teacher, 55-year-old susie ko. police in washington state spotted the pair driving ko's car on wednesday, and after a chase arrested them. detectives from hercules have traveled north to interview the two suspects. they say darnell recently escaped from a southern california prison, and that his wife helped him. the couple ha
is the flooding rain, 6 to 13 inches from the carolinas potentially up to new york city. some big weather on the maps 24 evening. well want to join nbc's danielle leigh who is in maryland with the very latest. i'm sure everyone is on edge this hour. danielle? >> they are. here in chesapeake beach, it's empty. they have brought the furniture inside. inside you'll see several empty slips on about the dock. that is because they are moving their boats to safety. people know now is the time to prepare. strong winds, rain, and a rising surf from hurricane sandy are already lashing out on the florida coast. there a jet skier caught in the surf needed rescue. across the caribbean, sandy has left dozens of people dead. it rips through houses, downs trees, and flooded entire communities. models have the storm smashing right into the northeast. >> common sense says you should start taking precautions, get ready just in case. this is a potentially dangerous storm. >> emergency workers say anyone from virginia up through new england should get ready now. on long island, new york, we find people fillin
, not official misconduct. but the city says he can't be sheriff while on probation and attending domestic violence programs he oversees. before the hearing, they had a rally for murkarimi and his wife. murkarimi says he is ready to get back to work. >> i'm glad we're at this chapter. and i can only hope and we can only hope for a just outcome. and, you know, this amazing crowd, i think reflects the bright spots that haven't been well told in the media and that is how many people throughout all quarters of san francisco believe what has occurred was wrong and that they call for my reinstatement. >> 52 weeks of mandatory domestic violence counseling, again, in the company of the very people whose imprisonment recently supervised if they have recently been released from jail. >> reporter: this hearing is expected to last several hours. nine of the 11 supervisors must vote to uphold the charge of official misconduct for murkarimi to be removed from office. otherwise he will be reinstated. now at this point, arguments inside city hall have wrapped up, and public comment is about to begin. i'm
giants and proud of this city. many of them admit they have been celebrating since last night. in fact, some of them came straight here, not even wanting to miss this return. they say this team deserves a hero's welcome for one of the greatest comebacks in major league history. >> you know, i've been a fan for 30 years. and this is probably the most exciting season of being a giants fan. absolutely incredible. >> and i'm just so excited. i love this team. i love all the guys. an it means a lot to me.e he am. ants are s thrled for them. >> couldn't be here last time in 2010. so really stoked to be able to be here to welcome these guys home this time. >> reporter: fans and players will get one day of rest before the big ticker tape parade set for halloween. the mayor says it's quite fitting the team would pick that city to be drenched in black and orange. the parade will start at 11:00 a.m. at the foot of market and end at civic center pla. deep.are packed in at least ten there are hundreds outhe. the players are nting int d it does not appr these fansill dhe same unt the very l
of the oakland police department tonight as the city grapples with another wave of violence. john burris confirmed he and several other civil rights attorneys plan to file a request by midnight, asking a federal judge to appoint an independent receiver to take over at least portions of the police department. the request comes on the heals of two new reports by a federal monitor criticizing the department's handling of officer involved shootings and occupy oakland demonstrations. the department is making progress at implemes reforms and the mayor says the city will night to keep the police department under his control. >>> wall, it's a big day for many bay area catholics and bay area gay rights activists. the appointment comes with controversy, the 56-year-old played a major role supporting prop 8, the measure defining marriage between a man and a woman. and recently in august, he was arrested for drunk driving in san diego. we'll have more on today's ceremony coming up tonight at 6:00. >>> decision 2012 round one, according to the polls goes to mitt romney, plenty of us tuned in. much hi
francisco spin on it. the event that is turning the city into a playground. >>> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures 20 degrees above average, near record-setting. air quality also suffering over the next 24 hours, going up to moderate levels for thursday. we are also tracking that heavy rain across st. louis with a rain delay for the giants and the cardinals. we'll have more on your forecast, coming up. >>> oracle's state-of-the-art catamaran that flipped during a practice run yesterday in the bay is back at its home base tonight, undergoing repairs. late this afternoon, the america's cup organization released new footage of the racing craft just moments after it capsized. nbc bay area's monte francis is live at pier 80 in san francisco with the very latest. monte? >> reporter: well, janelle, what is left of the boat is here in a warehouse at pier 80. and crews spent much of the day bringing back pieces of the boat here. also, as you said, the america's cup organization released some new video footage of those dramatic moments on the bay. tak
into monday and tuesday. washington, d.c. up towards the atlantic city, new york, and south of boston we'll see wind gusts getting above 60 miles per hour. all the wind will be pushing the wall of water. the storm surge that may be five to six feet on the coast there around new jersey and even perhaps towards long island. so we're looking atlanta least two days of some really strong winds. flooding rains, and long-term i'm impacts of air travel. diane? >> all right, rob, thank you very much. >>> and just ten days remain before election day. that hurricane is also affecting last-min t it campaign for both candidates. nba bay area's brian mooar explains. >> ten days, new hampshire. >> in this tight presidential race, even tiny new hampshire is a big prize. and as president obama stumped there, republican challenger mitt romney was trying to nail down support in florida. >> we are going to win this. you know that. we're going to win. >> reporter: going into the last full week of the presidential campaign both candidates are reaching out to undecided voters. >> i'm asking you to compare my p
were going to be home games. so far no new negotiations have been scheduled. >>> the city of san francisco is striking back against private buses hired by silicon valley companies like google and apple. city supervisor john avalos wants to regulate where and when private buss can pick up tech employees on city treats through permits. he is particularly kerd about commute hours. the proposal would also force shuttle operators to pay a fee and to use muni bus stops to pick up or drop off commuters. supervisor avalos says he hopes to have a plan implemented by the end of 2013. >>> san fransco's planning commission has given a green light to the west coast's tallest tower. the 61 story building would be part of the new transit hub. it would be the downtown terminal for caltrain and the future high speed rail network. the high-rise plan calls for an elevator to tie the tower with a quarter mile stretch of open space on top of the transit center. the next step for the developer is to complete the details of the sales agreement with the transit authority. no word when that will take pla
near yuba city. we're looking at several rotating thunderstorms as the kcra helicopter, our sister station in sacramento was tracking this strong thunderstorm where we did see a few potential funnels trying to drop down out of the wall cloud. but no reported tornado. if you have any loved ones in this area or family, right now some of the strongest weather from the rotating thunderstorm is right near grass valley, down to lincoln, also near that interstate 80 corridor. we're going to continue to track this strong weather, and also the sierra snow coming up in that full forecast. a lot going on throughout this week. >>> decision 2012. we are less than an hour away from the third and final presidential debate. and as you can see in this live picture, the stage is set. the audience members are there. the 90-minute face-off will take place at lynn university in boca raton, florida. and the topic of discussion tonight, foreign policy. florida is considered a key battleground state. >>> and the stakes are high tonight. with only 15 days until election day, the race could not be tighter.
on the detroit tigers. today the team and the city of san francisco are preparing for game one tomorrow. scott reiss with comcast sportsnet is live at at&t park with the latest for us. good evening, scott. >> reporter: well, when we last left at&t park, we saw players dancing in celebration in a veritable monsoon. fortunately the skies have dried. beautiful blue skies ahead, in fact. and batting practice now the story of the afternoon. the tigers just took bp. in fact, i have one of the few baseballs that miguel cabrera didn't deposit in the left field bleachers. it ricocheted off the media screen. they're an impressive group. but the giants certainly up to the task of another world series, their second in three years. remember, they staved off six, caught 'em, six elimination games en route to winning the national league pennant. a lot of veterans on this team, and they know what it takes to bring home the world series trophy. >> when it comes to baseball, i think it's just you can never be surprised. i think, you know, a lot of people were shocked and stuff like that. but for me, we knew --
san jose civic auditorium opened today, and city leaders are hoping the $15 million in renovations will attract new crowds to downtown. >> two, three! >> the new upgrades include a $1 million sound and hd video system, plus, saddle leather seating, and four times the number of rest rooms. actor/comedian george lopez is performing at the civic auditorium tomorrow, and he was supposed to speak at the ribbon cutting ceremony today, but organizers said his flight from southern california was delayed. >> hopefully you'll back. when is george lopez on tomorrow night? already sold out. >> it is. >> but scalpers, you can probably buy some tickets. so welcome. thank you all for coming. congratulations to our team that put this together. >> mayor chuck reed said the project was funded mostly by redevelopment dollars. since 1936, the san jose civic has hosted legends from frank sinatra to the rolling stones and bob dylan. >>> the oakland a's have shocked the rangers and the baseball world, and they are the al western division championship. unbelievable. >> as we enjoy watching this wonderful
around midnight, you should head to an area away from city lights and at its peak you may see up to 15 meteors per hour or one every four minutes. maybe worth staying up past your bedtime unless there is going to be fog. meteorologist is here that knows the answer to that. >> we're going to be in pretty good shape. the hilltop areas should be good before the low clouds start to reform again on the coast. and what we're looking at tonight are really sand grain size particles to pebble size object that quickly burn up as they fall and reach the stratosphere. it gives you the flashing light inside. like the washing machine size or small car size object that came through the sky on wednesday. this is much smaller objects. the best left behind comet. the small particles, create the flashes of light. i think the best viewing look off to the southern skies tonight near the constellation orion and, yes, the hilltop locations in our inland valley. places away from the coastal fog should have decent viewing tonight but i don't think it's going to top what we saw on wednesday. temperatures right
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23